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Intro to page properties, page notes and page styles

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Video 5 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video transcript

The page properties pane is bottom centre. Let’s expand the pane so we can see better. Note that the settings that you are seeing are the settings for the page you currently have open.

Page notes

The Page Notes tab is where you can add notes about the page. Often overlooked, this facility is really useful for making notes about what’s going on in the page for different audiences. You may want to create notes for the stakeholders, designers etc. These notes can be output into specification documents which you can tailor for different groups. More on this later.
Page interactions

If you want interaction to happen between pages, you’ll need to use page interactions. Common interaction are fired on page load. A common usage is to prototype highlight wayfinding elements in your menus when the page loads by using variables – tricky stuff this. We’ll do some of this later.

Page style

Styling is largely about formatting. The page styling tab allows us to add rules about formatting that will apply to widgets on the screen. We can overrule these rules at the widget level of course.
You can create custom page styles, which you can apply to your pages – this is recommended, because we are setting rules at the highest level, which we can overrule at the widget styling level if required.

Page alignment is a useful feature to pick up here, whilst in the Axure UI the page is always aligned to the left, you’ll find that by changing the page alignment here, it will affect the prototype at run time.
Sketchiness is another point of mention, this helps communicate to stakeholders or users that we are in the early stages of the design process, and that we aren’t wedded to our design (yet).

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