1.b. The axure sitemap palette

Create and manage pages and your sitemap in axure rp

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Video 2 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video Transcript

This is the sitemap pane. This, like all the panes in the UI can be popped out and moved around, just like Photoshop. Useful if you have several screens.

The sitemap pane is where we create, organize and, not least, open our pages. How you use pages in Axure will probably represent pages as you want them deployed in the end product; e.g. a web page on a web site. When you create a new file, it is loaded with a home page, and three sub pages. You can drag and drop pages to organize, and add folders to indicate hierarchical relationships between pages via indentation etc. There’s also a search facility that’s useful for navigating a large number of pages.

To open a page you double click it, you’ll see it open as a new tab, with the page name appearing in the tab at the top of the canvas. We can nest pages to indicate hierarchy.

Page diagram types

There are two page diagram types; wireframe, and flow. You right-click pages to access a contextual menu, which provides this, as well as other, options. There’s not a great deal of difference between the two diagram page types except in the way that you’ll use them, i.e. one is where you put wireframes, the other is where you diagram the journey process flow. You can also link the pages represented in the flow diagram to the pages you create, more on this later. There is a different icon for a flow page, that indicates that it is such.

Generate sitemaps and process flows

One other useful feature accessed via the contextual menu is the ‘generate diagram’ option. I discovered this late – before I used to build the sitemap manually, but Axure will generate a process flow based on how you’ve modelled the pages in the sitemap. Here you can see the simple diagram generated by our basic site architecture.

Now, creating the process flow involves creating the pages, giving them descriptive names, and establish any hierarchical relationship between them. Often descriptive names aren’t enough at this stage – soon we will introduce the page notes pane, this is where you can insert a summary of the scope of page. Then it’s a simple matter of auto-generating the sitemap. If anything changes during the project, simply regenerate the diagram.

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