1.f. Widget interactions and notes

Where to create widget interactions and add notes about widgets

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Video 6 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video transcript

As per v6.5, the right hand side of the UI is dedicated to widget settings. The difference being that in v7 we have the contents of the old Widget Properties pane now split across two panes; Interactions and Notes, and Widget Properties and Style.
Let’s select a widget, to enable the various settings, then we can explore what is here.

Widget naming

The object Names Name field is what you see first here. Really important on this one. You need to name your widgets, and you need to name them well! With complex interactions you will be browsing a large list of widgets you want to affect change to. It is usually at this point when you realize your naming convention is not great. It is often advisable to do some planning on paper of your prototype. You can do quick rework with paper, and start to develop & test naming conventions, and seeing if they work.

Widget interactions tab

The interactions tab is where you add interaction. I’m not going to go into detail here. A key point to remember is that different objects have different interactions, and events, available to them. v7 has a short cut to the most basic interaction – to Create Link. You can quickly get up and running with interaction by creating simple links between wireframes.
Also note that down here there is a ‘more links’ link. Because there are so many events for each object, not all can be squeezed into the pane. This often gets missed.

Widget notes tab

This is where we can add notes about the selected widget or object. There are some default note types here, that may be appropriate for your project, but, like page level notes, you can also customize these. The customization that’s possible here is what sets Axure apart from other prototyping techniques. More on notes later.

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