1.h. The axure widget manager

The widget manager; browse and manage widgets, dynamic panels and groups

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Video 8 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video transcript

Existing users of Axure know the Dynamic Panel Manager. In v7 this has been extended to include all objects and has a new moniker ‘Widget Manager’. This is great, it’s more akin to Photoshop, and means we now have a visual representation of all the objects layered in our prototype instead of having to conceptualize it.

First , for newbies/beginners, Dynamic Panels. Dynamic panels are the primary way of creating and managing interaction/interactive objects which have a number of different but similar states. A slideshow is a typical design pattern that you will use a dynamic panel for You will have a requirement to build an object that changes as the user interacts. You create panels, or states, for that object, and build in user fired events that switch the states. You can create a widget, or collection of widgets, and select them and turn them into a dynamic panel with a right click.. Then add new states as required, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s often better to sketch out your dynamic panels first before you go in and build, because unpicking a complex dynamic panel can be painful.

A note for existing users, previously you had to convert objects to a dynamic panel before you could do show/hide interactions. This is no longer the case. Dynamic panels are now only necessary when you want to be able to manage different states for an object. This makes things a little easier for management.

The new widget manager allows you to filter by types of object. So, if you only want to see dynamic panels in the manager, you can. More coming on this.

There we go, we now know what we do where, inour way around the user interface. We also know the difference between a break away master and a widget library. Next we are going to start looking at the building blocks of wireframes, widgets and masters in more detail. How we do stuff. In the next section we start to do more detailed work with widgets.

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