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Intro to managing widget properties and creating widget styles in axure rp

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Video 7 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video transcript

Properties tab

With an object selected, the properties are displayed in the properties tab. We can change the shape here in this pane, which is new in v7. However we can still change the shape by right clicking as per 6.5. You can also add basic button-like interaction to widgets here with Interaction Styles.
Remember different widgets have different properties, options we see when we select the rectangle widget, are different to that which we see when we select the paragraph widget.

Styles tab

The styles tab is where we affect changes to the size, location & formatting of objects. We see some options common to design applications, and much of what we see here is also duplicated in the toolbar;

  • Location and size
  • Font formatting
  • Fills lines and borders
  • Alignment and padding

In v7 we have some new cool things to play with like drop shadows, corner radii, widget rotation etc.

Something important to introduce here is Base Styles. Much like CSS styles, base styles allow us to set up some formatting, and apply it across a number of widgets, and later come back and modify that formatting. Bear in mind Base styles only give the ability to set and manage formatting that we can see here – we can’t affect things like size and location with Style, so in that way it’s a departure from CSS for the web, which is unfortunate. Styles offer some control, much in the way that masters do. Sometimes it’s better to use masters, sometimes styles, we’ll go into this later.

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