1.c. The widgets palette and axure widget libraries

Introduction to the widgets palette, adding default axure widgets to the page, and using custom axure widget libraries

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Video 3 of Part 1: Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

Video transcript

Axure widgets palette

Once we have a page open we can drag widgets on to it. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping widgets from the widget pane. As we drag widgets out, they are placed on top, or in front of previous widgets. The concept of layers or z-index, if you’re from a HTML/CSS background, and that you can move moving objects back and front is important to grasp. We’ll go into this more later.

When you select a widget, a whole host of previously grayed-out options open up for us in the toolbar, and in the panes down the right hand side, which are the widget specific options. We’ll cover the Widget Properties pane shortly. Note that these options will differ depending on the widget selected.

Axure widget libraries

What’s relevant to know about this pane is that widgets come in Libraries, and Axure ships with two default Widget Libraries which correlate to the different page types – Wireframe & Flow. You can easily switch between libraries with the drop-down box. Widget Libraries are actually another Axure file type with a .RPLIB extension, as opposed to the project file which is .RP. We can download .RPLIB files from the web, with a number available for free on http://www.axure.com/community/widget-libraries We can alsoor create our own, which is a powerful way of managing design assets within an organization, because you can reuse & share design as a team, saving time and money, more on that later.

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